Systems, processes and strategies built for you... and your GAB

where creative business owners who’ve gotten as far as they can on their own finally transform into Grown Ass Business (G.A.B.) owners, by mastering the deceptively-simple strategies, systems, and mindset magic that can get them to seven figures and beyond.

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clients come to us with statements like...

  • I know what I want, but I really don't know HOW to get there.
  • I'm completely overwhelmed and don't know what to focus on.
  • My team drops the ball and I end up doing everything myself.
  • I need consistent leads so I can stop stressing about bills and payroll every month and start living my life.
  • I feel like I'm spinning, stuck in indecision and never know what's the right next step.

You’re already brilliant

And now it’s time to become a Grown Ass Business owner, once and for all....

In an industry where so many successful-but-burned-out creatives are too distracted by shiny objects to truly master the fundamentals that can get them to a sustainable seven figures (and the true freedom they crave), we're creating an army of Grown Ass Business owners who’ve mastered the systems, strategies, and mindset tools they need to thrive and grow with ease.

How we do that? With a totally unique approach to mastering the fundamentals -- a systemized approach to teaching you what your business needs and building out your unique strategy and CEO Dashboard alongside you.

You'll know your numbers, understand your marketplace and how to market to them, have a sales projections plan, fall in love with simple metrics and run your team with a clear plan in front of you. What other coaches know but don't give you. The systems, strategies, and mindset tools that will transform you into world-class CEO’s and to think like the owner of your Grown Ass Business®.

Here's how we give you the gift of a G.A.B.
The ONLY real honest business basics you need to have in place for a strong business that is getting ready to scale.
  • The exact building blocks
  • Delivered over 8 weeks with personalized support
  • Lifetime Access
  • A CEO dashboard to run your business from one place
  • The CONFIDENCE that you know exactly how to grow and run your business
Your custom growth strategy. 1:1
coaching+support.. Community.
All the dashboards and systems.
Address your Mindset and
becoming the CEO.
  • A Deep Business Audit
  • Custom Strategy Built for You
  • 2 Weekly Calls +
  • 1:1 Support over Voxer
  • Mindset to level up and become the Leader you want to be

You’re a DIY’er.

I get it. You’re my people.

then these Digital products are the answer you’ve been looking for.
Mini class + calculator

Calculate Your Worth

Know your number, know exactly what you should be charging, and get the confidence to ask for that price.
The ceo dashboard + Training

Roadmap to Revenue

THE dashboard you've been waiting for. Business fundamentals and the metrics you need, all on one place.
Mini course + tools

I Just Need More Leads

We have all felt this at some point. Now you will know how to solve this problem.
increased profit
new leads
Celi is the full package, highly educated, skilled, and utterly human.
Working with Celi is a dream as she mixes high energy, creative ideas with serious business acumen and organizational skill. I feel comfortable and relaxed working on projects when she is in the room.
Dr. Sophie Mort
Psychologist and Author
After working with Celi, my family questioned the legality of my business.
They dont understand it's legally possible to make so much money whilst simultaneously appearing to do so little work. I can assure you, it is possible. Celi helped me simplify my business offering, get systems into place, find reliable people, and get a grasp on my numbers - all through a pre-built roadmap. Many problems might be new to you, but Celi has seen them dozens of times before. This allows you to grow very quickly.

Celi understands your business deeply whilst still able to offer no-BS, unbiased critiques of what's going on. Celi’s growth plan, combined with her experience has allowed my business to grow 2x in MRR in 6 months. Highly Recommend.
Nick George
CEO of SalesHawk
I can honestly say that Celi is the only person who has been able to coach me.
I’m a coach and know a lot, yet she has pushed and challenged me in areas where I was very uncomfortable, and knew when to back off when I needed space to process. Her brilliance is knowing exactly what you need to do to grow your business, while being savvy enough to move at your pace, so the growth is real, sustainable, and repeatable. I admit I was resistant to the changes in the beginning, but after taking me from a very tough place into 5 figure months, I started listening harder. We laugh about it now. And the mindset work she has given me, have become a part of my daily practice. Now let’s get to 6 figure months!!
Trap Yoga Bae
Confidence and Empowerment Coach
Celi took the time to understand my business, and didn’t apply something that was working for someone else, to me.
She gave me specific solutions and next steps. She went through my business with a fine tooth comb and I appreciate that she was not fluffy about what I actually needed to do to hit my goals. The systems and support her team built are game-changer, because I never would have done that for myself and then I would have felt behind.
Michelle Cherian
Product Designer and Developer
Celi is the person I go to when I need to see through to the truth of what's going on underneath.
She somehow has x-ray vision into the underworld, and coupled with an incredible ability to deliver the raw truth in a really compassionate way. So in summary - I think you're a human x ray machine.
Amy Humphries
Business Growth Coach and Ops Strategis
I call Celi my business Shaman, combining the teaches of ancient truths..
..and knowledge with what is tried and true and works in the business world. This program brought me deep clarity on how to focus in on my business and was life changing in many ways.
Kyle W
Founder of Matured Space, Yoga Teacher, Lecturer
One of the only people I know that can receive my brain dump and organize it into a simple,
viable business all while not believing my bullshit… I don’t know what you call that skill or what your official title should be, but you’re the only woman that's ever given me that, and I’m a business mindset coach! This is why we all call you ‘The Don’.
Ruth Olsen
Mindset Coach to VC firms
I met Celi eight months ago and my life hasn't been the same since for the past five years.
I've had a longing to change the direction of my business with only vague ideas about how to do that. Celi swept the vagueness away with a mixture of operational know-how excellent tools and loads of helpful resources. She's a master at demystifying the inner workings of a good business. While making you laugh with her particular brand of humor. I am feeling excited and hopeful about new possibilities and look forward every week to learning something new.
Laury Naron
Trauma Psychotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner
Celi has an undeniable ability to see right to the core of a business...
...and understand where there is room for improvement and where to start. She creates solutions that allow for significant and meaningful long-term change, and helps the team understand and execute on those solutions.
Octavia Seymour
Director of Operations at Evergreen Supply
A master of refinery.
Celi is an expert at helping businesses focus on maximizing the efforts that most contribute to the end goal! She can take my scattered creative ideas, let me free flow express and then somehow makes a cohesive plan, timeline and monetizing strategy around it. Still not sure how she does it, but it works.
Marcia Kim
Founder, Artist, Model
A trusted advisor who always sees the way ahead, beyond what..
..I can see - I can count on her to always be looking down the road ahead seeing the curves that aren’t in my face yet. She often calls things out before they happen, it’s freaky, and then you always have a quick solve in your back pocket for whatever the new challenge is, I suppose because you were prepping for it all long even when I wasn’t really listening.
Demetri Kofinas
Founder & Producer of Hidden Forces, Podcast
Celi’s leadership style is unique because it’s incredibly human-focused.
She adjusts to people’s strengths and creates a roadmap specific to how they work to achieve results. She encourages questions, speaking up and makes herself available to course-correct as often as possible so that goals can be reached.
Alexandra J
Head of Production at HNP
To think that business and life and spirituality are separate, is a joke.
When I quit my full-time job to run my husband’s company, that was the biggest act of faith and put me on a path that taught me something so much greater than the dogmatic church systems could give me.
And so, when you’re working with Celi, who is also a systems gal, you get the union of those two worlds. Yes her systems are beautiful and easy to use, and more importantly they work. So for those who are attracted to her style and are ready to take the risk of facing themselves and their business, working with her will pay off dividends. I truly believe that.
Lauren and Andrew White
Indigo Life Media, CEO and Founder
I’ve paid thousands of dollars to other coaches and programs.
What I can say, is that working with Celi is really different. What most coaches apply to all their clients is not how she does it. She tailors her work to your business, and more importantly who you are as a person. She knows what I’m passionate about, what my values are, and what’s important to me.
And I love that whenever I ask her a question, I don’t get a typical answer. She is clearly always working to better herself, her business knowledge and her use of mindset coaching, so that she is the best coach she can be. And goes out of her way to make things easy. If you trust the process and really just do what she asks you to do, you will see results.
Jamaica Cardeno
CEO of Virtual RX
When I started working with Celi, I knew immediately when speaking with her that she knew what she was talking about.
I also knew that she was no nonsense and that she was extremely good at systems and operations.
She has this incredible framework that on its own is transformative in terms of the structure, which is really what I was coming for.
I really appreciate not just her attention to detail, but her attention to my energy level as well. She can totally pick up on when I'm having a little bit of resistance or when fear steps in and she has been supportive with the right tools for every single moment.
She's given me confidence and she's giving me legs to stand on and I really can envision an even bigger dream for my business now.
Tarryn MacCarthy
CEO of The Business of Happiness, Orthodontist and Motivational Speaker.
I knew I wanted to have a successful business in this new phase of my life,
but I was starting to feel like it wasn’t possible for me. I’d paid so much money to programs and coaches and courses, and while I learned many things and met great people, I still didn’t have a business that was making me money or that I felt proud to talk about. There is a point where the doubt gets louder than the hope and you question yourself. Celi showed me that my dream was in fact possible, and then she laid out the EXACT plan of how I was going to build it. Seeing it laid out like that and understanding that there’s an order and a process, made me believe in the possibility again, and got me excited to take action. I’m now deep into her plan for me and it’s working. I have learned so much about myself and my offer and what my real business is, and I can actually see it taking shape and working.
Unni Turrettini
Author and Connection Expert.

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