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Tech Company Lands 7-Figure Content Partnership


After seeing the effects of social media on her own mental health and self-worth, a British influencer created a mental health app. The subscription-based app is designed to teach the younger generation the importance of breaks and taking care of their minds. The mental health tech company had a team of three responsible for ops and all U.S. sales and marketing efforts, while a venture partner built the tech side of the company.

As they were building the subscription service, they were also developing merchandise. I was brought on to lead the company’s sales and partnerships because of my strong brand partnerships and sales background.


Recreated processes around team

Secured a $1.5 million content deal

Removed costly physical products

Created a clear sales plan for the products that we had to make

Perceived Problem

I was brought on to create more sales opportunities for the company but quickly noticed the team didn't have any systems or processes to support all projects they were trying to accomplish. This created overwhelm and confusion on the team and prevented them from reaching their goals.

The other challenge I discovered was that the team was focused on developing physical products for the brand without proof of concept. They were focused on launching five products at once, before knowing whether or not the app's initial subscription model worked.

Our Process Included:

  • Rebuilt the team and created clear roles and responsibilities,
  • Removed products from development that were costly and would be difficult to sell,
  • Formed strategic partnerships for products that were in production,
  • Strengthened the content department's ability to do what they do best, and had them streamlined and focused on media creation, and
  • Leveraged the power of the team's content super-skill and sold high-level content deals for growth.

This approach led to forming partnerships with the likes of:

  • Victoria's Secret Pink to sell 10,000 journals for a launch event they produced.

  • A weeklong event at Saks 5th Avenue in honor of mental health month. We hosted an in-store interactive experience and sold products in-store and on their website.

  • A collaboration special t-shirt with the brand MadHappy

  • A content presentation for an education platform at the UK Education Conference, which lead to a long-term content contract with Edmodo

  • An educational content tour for Graduate Hotels across the US, also selling products along the way

Had the company focused on app downloads and selling e-commerce, their VC funding would have run out. By leveraging the strengths of the team, we were able to close much bigger contracts which meant more profit for the business and less need for more funding rounds (as seen in the chart above).

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Main Areas of Focus - The How

team systems processes
profitable products
A Focused Product Strategy
Generated Strategic Partnerships for longevitY

As a result of the foundation work and growth clarity, it was the $1.5 million content deal that allowed the company to sustainably grow without needing to pursue more VC funding. They continue to make great content and build institutional size content deals as a way to grow the business.

Since then, the founder was able to write a successful book about the journey called Happy Not Perfect.

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