+832 New Leads After Discovering the Real
Bottleneck and Reached 7-figures Earlier


The online course diva, who came from the online course development world, built a multi-six-figure business. She's worked with some of the better-known online business coaches and course creators we know today, so she knew her stuff and had her systems down.

And yet, she couldn't figure out why she seemed to be stuck at 6-figures. She knew her company was capable of scaling beyond six figures. But she found herself frustrated and questioned whether she wanted to continue growing the company.


From multi-six to seven-figure business

Found Many Hidden leads

Now works less

High converting sales system

No longer feeling burnout, enjoys her business

Perceived Problem

She thought the reason she was stuck at six figures was because there was some kind of system she was missing or something she didn't know.

She was also dreaming of a team and business model that would allow her to work 3 days/week, but was definitely not feeling like that was possible when we started working together.

Problem/s Discovered After Business Audit

After digging in and doing a full business assessment, I realized she had a sales system problem. I have never seen anyone score so high in every area of business, yet have really low sales conversion.

She's probably the most prepared person I’ve ever coached. Her copy was on point, her product was on point, her positioning was on point, her website was amazing, her branding was beautiful, she had a podcast, she was on podcasts, and was part of several popular online communities. She was doing all the “right” things, and you can see that from how highly she scored in most of the key pillars of business.

She had a seemingly solid team and being a systems person, had built a beautiful backend for her operation. Initially, I couldn't figure out why she had such low sales conversions. I brought up that her sales system was failing her and she insisted that she had a great salesperson, an iron-clad process, a CRM built in Airtable that they all used, and all the follow-up and nurture sequences to back it up.

So I decided to pose as a client and go in as a spy. There were many (MANY) missed opportunities to close me as a client. After hearing this feedback, she was willing to take a closer look at her sales process.

We addressed the gaps one at a time, and when interviewing her team I discovered that they weren't using the systems she had built in the way she had originally intended. This is actually something I see often. The lack of clarity in her business created problems around sales conversions, reading and understanding data, and following up. All things that are totally easy fixes.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Main Areas of Focus - The How

Rebuild sales system

We clarified and simplified the sales system, rebuilt the team around the new process, and rebuilt simpler dashboards to guide the team to be more focused on the metrics.

This is how we did it:

  • cleaned up the gaps in the sales system and found 927 leads that had been dropped. (This was a $400K value even with a bad conversion rate),

  • created an intentional follow-up plan with the "hot" leads and got the CEO involved to do personal outreach,

  • created an all-new metrics system and follow-up plan so no lead would ever be dropped again.

Team & Systems
  • Implemented sales and team training.

  • After testing the current team, it was clear who would and would not perform in the new system.

  • Hired two new people for the sales team and trained them on the new process.

  • Implemented weekly sales calls for numbers reporting and making sure we are acting on the conversion rate week-over-week.

  • Created sales training support internally.


After working together for just six months, she quickly had some of her highest selling months and was able to pass the 7-figure mark earlier than projected.

Now with her sales pipeline under control and a team to support the growth, she’s been actively creating and launching new products for her audience. The reduced stress and time freedom has reinvigorated her love for her company and she showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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