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Do you have a joy list

If you are busy, overwhelmed, overtired and over-saturated with everything you need to consume to stay up to speed in your industry, then you probably need a joy list.   [...]
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Don’t believe your therapist

Choose the words that you allow to take space in your mind carefully or risk them becoming true for you. Words are more powerful than we realize.   At the age [...]
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The easy vision builder

If you lose your north star, then how do you know where you’re going?  You’re working on your business, and what you’re working on day in and day out, seems [...]
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My top books for business

Some of you who know me or work with me, know that I ma obsessed with two things. Books and shoes. The good thing is, I never feel guilty about [...]
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Say yes

There’s something to be said for just saying yes. To the things that scare you, to life, to the things you want to do and never do… to the things [...]
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