My top books for business

Some of you who know me or work with me, know that I ma obsessed with two things. Books and shoes. The good thing is, I never feel guilty about buying more books (forget kindle, I need to write in it, mark it, post-it note-it, etc). Most of you also know I read about a book a week. A few of you have asked for my recommendations on the top business books that have influenced the way I think about operations and building, so here you go. If you want to know which are my ultimate faves, comment below or email me.

  1. Reboot, by Jerry Colona
    Because leading teams and running businesses, is a human endeavor, and we should never forget that.
  2. The 4-hour body, by Tim Ferriss
    I know, you thought I was going to say his first book, but this one changed the way I approach my workouts, sleep and overall health. As a former professional dancer, I used to complicate this part of my life and probably spend too much time and energy obsessing about how to work and stay in shape. He changed my thinking around this and now my workouts do not take up much of my mental capacity. This is detrimental to my mental and business health.
  3. Atomic Habits, by James Clear
    A book I wish I would have written, because he’s so direct and well clear, that I feel like we are long-lost siblings. He even talks about transformation in the way that most spiritual practices teach it, and this warmed my heart and is something I’ve been thinking about for years. I guess when I write a book it will have to be about something else because his is exhaustive and amazing.
  4. Getting Things Done, by David Allen
    You want to be efficient and more productive and less stressed? Then you need system. Don’t know which system to use? Then use his, hands down.
  5. Play Bigger, by Al Ramadan, Sean Pratt, etc
    I think the title of this book does not do it justice. These guys really break down the world of small business, innovation, and if you are looking for investors, you MUST be thinking this way. A must read!
  6. Good to Great, by Jim Collins
    I read this book a few years ago and all I can remember is that I was filled with Ah-ha moments and new I needed to change the type of work I was doing. Probably time I read it again.
  7. The Great CEO Within, by Matt Mochary
    I absolutely love everything about this book and it literally sits on my bedside table, because it is a constant reference and for some reason also brings me comfort. Just knowing there are engineers that think like Matt makes me happy inside. He is direct, clear and to the point. He does not waste your time in this book and covers everything you need to know about leading.
  8. Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore
    Was detrimental to my business school thesis, and changed the way I think about tech, humans and adoption curves.
  9. The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield
    We all get stuck, and find ways to procrastinate and do the work we are meant to do in the world. Steven helps you snap out of it and reminds you why you shouldn’t do that.
  10. Wired to Create, by Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire
    This book blew me away, and that rarely happens. I am still thinking about certain concepts and ideas, and I will re-read this over and over again for the months to come.

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