The difference about Celi, is that she does not make false promises. We did the hard work together, and she scaled my business.
Trap Yoga Bae
I want to ask you a question…

How would your business change if you tripled your income, while working less? How would your life change?

Maybe you started a business because you had a great idea. You were inspired. You’re a natural born leader. Or maybe you just wanted to step off the hamster wheel and tread your own path.

You probably started a business because you knew you were meant for more.

But, you probably didn’t think much about profitability, knowing your numbers, KPIs, scaling systems, marketing machines, SOPs. All the things that you need to run a successful, scalable business.

I know that it can feel overwhelming, but I’m here to tell you.. business can be simple.


A 6 month experience, to become the CEO of the profitable business of your dreams.

The best of both worlds. A custom strategy built for you through 1:1 support. A community of peers. Two weekly calls focused on Business Strategy and the Mindset Tools you need to transform how you think about your business. A safe space of like minded entrepreneurs. Your secret to revenue growth and getting your time back. The Business School you need.

It’s for the leaders.
The experts.
The change makers.
The people like you.

The Smooth Operator Mastermind is beyond comprehensive. In fact, I’ve never seen another coaching program like it.

With my signature “No B.S” approach, I’ll help you:

Triple Your Revenue
Increase Profitability
Implement systems to
simplify and streamline
Create business models
that are set to scale
Be able to finally answer
the “I don’t know how”
mental dialogue
Truly step into the
version of yourself

How will I do that?

By working through - step by step - a personalized business strategy that is rooted in YOUR entrepreneurial strengths. By uncovering hidden roadblocks and giving you personalized action steps using my unique, complete custom dashboards.

Think of it like an MBA. Only more fun (and more applicable).
I’m a totally different person in just a few months. I love my business again, I know what I’m doing, my product launches are working, I have leads, and I actually know what to do with them! Just Amazing!
Unni Turrettini
Author and Connection Expert.
This mastermind isn’t for everyone.
It is for you if:
  • You’re stuck at around $8k months and can’t figure out how to break past that number.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, tired, overworked, burnout.
    Your business is your livelihood and it needs to produce profits and income for your family.
  • You’re serious about your business working for you, setting up a strong foundation and growing.
  • You feel like you don’t know enough about the business side of things, and are ready to master it.
book a time to chat with me and see if
this is the solution for you.

We work through every aspect of your business,
using my unique 5 part framework…

Your vision, time, and mindset.
Including product market fit,
marketing and sales.
Profitability, Pricing strategy, revenue growth, cashflow, understanding your financials, including how to read metrics and KPIs
Training teams for success, and implementing systems that support you and your business
Operations and playbooks

Business doesn’t have to be hard…
And it sure as hell doesn’t have to be lonely.

With the Smooth Operator Mastermind, you’ll be supported by a group of fiercely passionate, ambitious business owners who all want the same thing….

To become the highest version of themselves.
These systems have completely changed how I show up as a leader to my team. And we are now taking the company to a whole new level. I’m excited again!
Jam Cardeno
CEO of Virtual RX

There are a lot of business coaches out there… how do you know that I’m the real deal?

Because I’ve been there.

I’m a former founder, marketing director, startup coo, director of sales and partnerships, head of department, advisor, CEO, teacher. I’ve worked in Brick and mortar. Global ecommerce, SaaS, tech development, luxury sales, online coaching industry, B2C, B2B.

Name a seat at the table, I’ve probably sat in it. And I’ve applied my learnings from all of these industries into this Mastermind. I will step in and strategize for your business as if I was the hired COO who needs to report to the board, because well, that’s my favorite seat to sit in.

And I can promise you…
I’m not your typical business coach.

I am so much more than that.

I am a problem solver. A big picture visionary AND a systems nerd with the skills of a strategist. I’m passionate about making the hard things easy, because I know it can be done. I love seeing the picture and then breaking it down for you in bite size steps so you can see it too.

And as a certified mindset coach, I know exactly how to help you blast through your limiting beliefs.

So if you’re looking for someone who actually knows your business, who will not give you a pre-written formula or cookie cutter answer, then I’m your gal.
I’m here for the people who want to achieve life-changing results.
I’m here for the people who understand their infinite potential.
I’m here for the dreamers and the doers.
I’m here for you.

What’s Included In Smooth Operator?

Four 1:1 calls with Celi,
2 weekly group calls
Complete Voxer access
to your coach from
Monday - Friday
A personalized deep
Business Audit +
Custom Strategy Growth Map
THE CEO Dashboard
to track important metrics,
the easy way

What else?

  • 2 weekly ‘office hours’ calls - 1 call is focused on learning the Mindset Tools from Mind Magic and 1 call is focused on business strategy.
  • Your business score on the smooth operator growth framework.
  • Your custom growth strategy map and plan for your business.
  • Your unique strategy dashboard to track progress and timelines of projects.
  • Step by step guidance to implement the tools and systems you need.
  • The tools, systems and templates built for you, just plug and play to your business.
  • A yearlong financial projections strategy.
  • A yearlong marketing strategy.
  • A simple CRM process and option to add on my exact CRM that I use.
  • Tools and trainings to address all 10 pillars of business.
  • Team support on our templates and dashboards.
  • A super supportive community of like minded people to help encourage, support and lift you up.
  • The Mind Magic Framework built in- so you learn how to address your internal blocks.

Want a sneak peak of the dashboards
that will completely transform the way
you view your business?

And because I LOVE to make my clients happy,
you’ll also get the following bonuses…

bonus 1
Access to our Calculate Your Worth
trainings, templates and teachings
bonus 2
Access to the Roadmap to Millions process and Trainings
bonus 3
Access to the Smooth Operator
Tools, Systems and Library
bonus 4
Access to our special monthly guest
expert teachers on sales, leadership,
customer journey, Social Media, PR and more

Most of my clients double their revenue

within 6 months of working with me…
and implementing my recommended changes. Many triple their revenue in this time.

At the very least, you should see a revenue increase within a month or two of working together.

If you don’t, and if it’s not a good fit for you, you can opt out anytime.
Who says that on the internet these days?

I’ve been in business for over 20 years.

I’ve grown businesses, I’ve sold businesses, I’ve failed at businesses,
I've closed 7-figure deals and I’ve coached over 12 businesses across
the 7-figure line.

I know that I’m very good at what I do…
but I’ll let you hear from some of my clients.
From Burnout to Sitting on Her Throne
Britteny Floyd-Mayo
CEO & Founder of Trap Yoga Bae
The Formula to Reaching 7-figures,
The Easy Way
Colton Williams
Founder of Three Strikes Productions
Doctor, Speaker, and now Course Business Owner too
Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy
Founder of Mbrace Orthodontics
Solving for "I don't know HOW!"
Unni Turrettini
Author, Speaker and Connection Expert

How would you feel if you could:

  • Double or triple your revenue.
  • Feel totally confident and at ease about and in your business.
  • Always know exactly what your numbers were last month, and even last week.
  • Quit the rat race, stop overworking and have more time to enjoy LIFE.
  • Get clear on what’s actually important - and where you need to focus your time - and energy to succeed.
  • Understand exactly HOW to get where you want to go, with an exact roadmap of personalized steps (and the accountability to keep you going).
  • Always have a supportive community to turn to when things get tough or you need advice and encouragement.
  • Understand your numbers so much that you’ll never have to worry about payroll or cashflow.
  • Have a COO in your corner.

We work through every aspect of your business,
using my unique 5 part framework…

Let’s get you to your highest self. The version of you that is confident.

That is calm.

That is rested.

That is fulfilled.

That is empowered.

That is radiating energy and light.

That is making more money with flow and ease.

The version of you that we both know you’re meant to be.

Are you ready to become the CEO and

big picture visionary of your business?

Are you ready to watch your impact, and your income grow?

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Is your business scalable?