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“I love learning on my own before hiring a coach.”

Strategy - Tools - Support

Grow Revenue, Together

You want access to it all, you know how to apply yourself and you love learning alongside others. You learn well on your own and also recognize that you learn well by listening to others and sharing in the experience. And let's face it, entrepreneurship can be lonely at times.

This option is for you if you want to receive your unique audit and strategy map, and then have the time and support inside of a container with like-minded business owners going through similar experiences. Tools and systems and weekly group QA calls to answer any questions that may be coming up for you. Your coach on text to review your specific plan is also available to ensure that you are moving forward with your plan, making progress and seeing the results. One of the things I most love about being a part of masterminds is learning from others and what they are going through. So this is a space for the best of both worlds, coaching support and accountability from a whole tribe rooting for you.

What's in a community?
  • Your Audit and personal Growth Strategy Map
  • Profitability work and knowing your pricing
  • Access to the entire library of teachings and tools as needed
  • Systems Support
  • Weekly QA session with Celi and team 
  • Guest Speakers and Coaches
  • Text with Celi from Mon-Fri
  • A trusted community for accountability and support

“I’m ready to go deep with a COO and mindset coach in my business with 1:1 Coaching.”

Weekly 1:1 Sessions with a COO

The Accelerated Path

Your business is likely for a COO, without quite being ready to hire a full time COO. You need a clear strategic plan, action steps, accountability and all the systems and processes to get you your time back and help you scale your business. With an experienced COO and trained mindset coach by your side who's invested in the success of your business, anything is possible.

Work with someone who has done it several times over, who has made the plans, grown businesses built the systems and trained the teams, so the entire ride can begin to feel easy, and joyful again.

The Accelerated path includes: 
  • Full business audit and strategy call. 
  • Your unique business score and personalized Growth Map.
  • Step-by-step plan to scale your business & hit your revenue goals.
  • Dashboards, systems and all the templates you could need.
  • Personalized CEO Dashboard to track progress and growth.
  • Become the Strategic CEO of your business. 
  • Weekly coaching calls with Celi.
  • A revenue growth plan that is doable and that your stake-holders will love.
  • A mindset framework you will learn to use and self coach in any situation.
  • Expereince the full support of an Ops team.
3 month minimum commitment.

“I want the shortcut to accelerate my growth.”

VIP Day +30 days support

Roadmap To Revenue

You want it all!! And you also know yourself. You know that you need to take the plan on one step at a time, with a coach along side you to reduce overwhelm, to address those pesky mindset blocks that will come up, and to have the support you need to avoid the pitfalls from other times before.

This package is for you if you know you need the right strategy plan for you and if you’re ready to couple the full support with a little mindset coaching to help you become the next level you.

This vip experience includes: 
  • Business Audit Pre-Call.
  • Your unique business score and personalized Growth Map.
  • Numbers tracking Dashboards.
  • CEO Dashboards to measure progress.
  • Timeline to track your goals for the next 6 months.
  • Strategy plan broken up into 3 calls for clarity and implementation.
  • 30 days of support with Celi on text.
  • Celi’s team to support you with 2 of the first systems you need.
  • Slack access to Celi and team from Mon-Fri 9-5pm.
  • Experience what its like to have a team supporting you and your business.

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