but make it fashion.

Business owners come to me when they’ve hit ceilings, walls, and challenges too frustrating to overcome alone.

After a life of choosing the harder path, my mission has become to make life easier. Because the one thing I would put on a billboard is:

“It can always be easier than you’re making it.” 

The key to scaling and enhancing
your quality of life:

Eliminate the unnecessary,
focus on what matters.

Why listen to me?

I’ve been hustling since I was 11, sacrificing my 20s to build a global fashion line. I missed out on life because I refused to learn about business and always muscled through.

Even with an MBA and finally crawling my way to my dream role as a startup COO, it was a constant grind. I spent more nights than I care to admit being kicked out of the office by the closing crew, only to repeat it all again the next day.

Don’t be like me or repeat my mistakes. You can have a profitable business AND a life. It took me too many years and degrees (4!) to figure that out.

This time, we’re doing it simple and easy together.

Like a badass race car driver, we'll slow down to speed things up. Building rock-solid Grown Ass Business foundations means facing the stuff you've been avoiding head-on. But then? You'll know exactly when to hit the brakes, ease up, and floor it!

My clients are making serious bank, taking paid maternity leave, living stress-free and getting quality family time in.


But what do I love most?

When they come to group calls, ask a question, and then boom! They answer it themselves. They go from unsure to unstoppable so fast, eventually outgrowing the need for me. That’s the biggest win—seeing them flourish independently.

Hi, I'm Celi Arias, businesswoman, growth strategist, and consultant. I'm here because your business needs help. And if you want to know exactly what's going to get you to the next level, without any BS fluff or time sucking trainings. Then we might be a great match.

The professional bio goes like this:

With a background in global fashion manufacturing, luxury sales, tech startups, and leadership performance, I guide clients in building sustainable businesses. They overcome entrepreneurship struggles, strategically scale, and realize their aspirations of impact and a bigger life.

Whether you want 7+-figures or a comfy $400K/year empire, growing your business doesn’t mean working 12+ hour days, neglecting family, or living on endless caffeine.

Yes, it takes work.

But when you know what to focus on, your business finally serves you.