I’m Celi.

And there was a time I wanted to be a pastor.

But I chose business.


Where once the rebels and outcasts of old would have broken off from society and sought spiritual enlightenment in their own way, entrepreneurs are doing that same thing today by carving out their own path.

Entrepreneurs. We are the warriors who walk the path of becoming.
And we walk it together.

That said, I’m honored to be on this path with you.

It took me some time to get here. Just like it may have taken you.

But every stop I’ve taken on this journey has brought me here and has taught me the skills I need to be the best COO, Consultant, Revenue Growth Strategist possible.

Speaking of COO…

While in seminary, I had a corporate job where everyone was pitted against each other, the competition was high and the backstabbing and water cooler talk was higher.

People were miserable, and I bet you’ve probably had a professional experience somewhere along the way that is similar. It may even be the reason you started your own business or entrepreneurial journey.

I did the MBA thing and the corporate experience, and then went back to my first business love of startups as a COO because I love the operations of things and just making things flow and work. Operations and teams sit inside at the heart of your business. And in business growth happens from the inside, like in all things.

Being a COO was deeply satisfying.

I went in there with the goal to build a business that was cash positive AND with a happy high vibe team. I wasn’t totally sure how to do it, but I knew that I had a lot of examples of what NOT to do from some of my previous experiences. I thought, “if I just show up differently than whatever that was before, I’ll be fine.”

It wasn’t long before friends and colleagues began asking me for advice, so I started advising, leading talks, speaking, and creating courses to help other business owners and entrepreneurs create success in their own businesses.

I was pastoring people on their path to becoming… just via the arena of business and strategy.

Here’s what I believe, and this is just my personal belief and you don’t have to subscribe to it.

I believe we are ALL here on purpose.

For a reason and with a purpose.

I truly believe that we are here to transcend the circumstances we were born into. Be they our parents, our socio-economic standing, our sex, our race, our culture, geeez even our astrological star sign or whatever you beleive in.

I believe we are here to fully realize or to become as realized as possible for this lifetime.

Of course, by realized or enlightened, what I really mean is to become our truest selves.

You are here in a sense to truly remember who you are. Free from your parents and all they taught you or forced on you, free from limiting beliefs, from your cultural or religious norms, and free from socio-economic oppression.

You are here to remember you are in fact, and always were a part of that greater joyful feeling I somehow knew was possible when I was just a little kid, asking my parents to take me to church.

I welcome you to my corner of
the spiritual business universe.

I talk big.
And I take bigger action.
On my behalf. And yours.

Because this path?
Doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it…especially when we have the support we need to make the impact we truly want to make.

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