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If you have these questions,
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Over time as a coach I’ve put together mini training sessions to answer the questions I most often receive from clients. My systems brain thinks, “if I’m hearing a question more than twice, then I need to create the solution that is repeatable and easy to deliver.”

And voilá!! Enter the creation of my digital library with my most sought after lessons.

How do I know how much to charge for my time or my products or services?

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Mini class

Calculate Your Worth

No entrepreneur, business owner or freelancer should wonder whether or not they are charging the right amount. Yet, this is the question I most often receive or witness when I'm participating at events or roundtables.

You should feel confident about how much you are charging for your work and you should know that the number is actually helping you reach your goals. If you are still unsure about this and you doubt your pricing, then you're going to love this. I created a calculator that helps you see if you are in fact charging enough for your worth (and to cover your bills) and to feel confident about it. This was the first live training I ever gave and it is near and dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy.

Mini course

I Just Need More Leads

We have all at one point or another in business (myself included) said this out loud or in our heads.

So you bet I created a class for that!! The issue of more leads is a complex one. It is layered with the know-how, the strategy and tactics that you need, and it is also peppered with mindset and doubt every step of the way. In this training I give you tactics, 24 of them in fact, to create more leads. And then in the process, hopefully you will see that your mind is just as much a part of creating leads in your business, and we address that too. Tactics and mindset, my favorite combo.

I don’t have enough leads to fill my business with clients. How do I get more leads/clients?

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I feel so overwhelmed and don’t know what course or system I should learn next to help my business.

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5 things you need to know before spending more money on building your business

We are constantly being tempted to buy new courses or product or find the silver bullet that will answer all our problems.

And yet, you have tons of courses sitting in your in-box or in your google drive, that you paid for and have not cracked open. So my friends, this one is free and it's for you. Before you even think about spending any money on a course or coach, or even me for that matter, please watch this short training. And then tell me your thoughts via email or DM, because I'd love to hear it. You're welcome.

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